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If you want to rent a home from us you need to bid through a Choice Based Lettings system. The one you use depends on where you want to live.

It can take a long time to get a social housing property. If you are thinking about other options including renting privately there is some helpful information on the Citizen's Advice website

Buying a home from us

You can search for properties to buy using the form below.

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Existing customers


If you already live in one of our properties you can move through:

  • Transferring to another property
  • Mututal exchange

Right to buy

You may have heard in the news that Government propose to extend the Right To Buy to all Housing Association tenants. We know that some tenants who have not currently got the Right to Buy are interested in possibly buying their home.

However, the detail of this proposal has not yet been published by the government, so we do not know how it will be rolled out. When it is published we will make any changes to our current policy required by the new legislation and will let all tenants know.

Please contact Chris Davies on 0161 232 5628 if you have any other queries on Right To Buy.


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