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Only one of our 2-bedroom apartments in Cheadle left for sale at just over £86,000  ... shared ownership makes buying possible!

Use the property search form below for homes to buy. Most are available on a shared ownership basis (part-buying and part-renting) with a few that can be bought outright. TIP - for your first search, 'SEARCH ALL' rather than using the filter to see the full range of properties.


Homes for rent are available only through a bidding system called Choice Based Lettings.
• For Manchester properties visit Manchester Move
• For Stockport, visit Stockport Homes
• For Trafford, visit
• Click Carrbrook for information about homes in Tameside

Search below for 'affordable' homes that you might want to rent from us. Some are forthcoming developments. Although you can't apply direct to us, if you are interested in any of the properties, you should register with the relevant choice based lettings scheme (see above) in good time so you are ready to bid as soon as the property becomes available. TIP - for your first search, 'SEARCH ALL' rather than using the filter to see the full extent of our properties.

It can take a long time to get a social housing property. If you are thinking about other options, such as,  renting privately, here's useful advice you might want to consider.

Existing customers

You may already have a home with us and want to move – either because you want to downsize or for some other reason. Find out about transferring to another property or about mutual exchange (swapping with another social housing tenant).

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