Pay Rent

You can pay your rent in any of the ways below. The best way to pay your rent is by direct debit so you do not get into arrears.

We will send you a rent statement four times a year in the post. This will show all the payments you’ve made and whether you owe any rent. You can also check your rent statement online on our self service portal

If you get housing benefit this is normally paid four weeks in arrears so your statement may show arrears even if you do not owe anything.


You can pay online at You will need your debit card and tenancy ID number.

On the All Pay app

You can use the All Pay app on your smartphone. You will need debit card details and your tenancy ID number. Visit Google Play or the AppStore to download the app.

Over the phone

You can call us on 0161 5642/5647 to make a payment with your debit card or call All Pay’s automated  24 hour service on 0844 557 8321. You will need a debit card and tenancy ID number to use the automated service.

Direct debit

You can call us on 0161 232 5642/5647 and we will set up a direct debit for you. This means your rent payments will leave your account automatically each month.

Standing order

You can set up a standing order to make your rent payments automatically. You will need to call us before you do this to get our bank details and your tenancy ID number.

In person

You can pay anywhere you see the Pay Point logo. This includes post offices, shops and garages. When you pay here you will get a receipt. Make sure you keep this as proof of payment.


You can bring in a cheque to one of our offices or post it to our head office address.

If you need more advice on how to pay your rent or finding the best option for you you can contact our rents team. Click here to find your rents officer