About Us

The Mosscare Housing Group is a dynamic organisation providing high quality homes and excellent services whilst engaging with and being part of local communities. We embrace diversity. Our aim is to work in partnership to make neighbourhoods places in which people choose to live, work and visit.  We are proud of our past and have passion for our future.

Where we are

The Mosscare Housing Group is made up of Mosscare Housing, Mossbank Homes and Mossbank Developments.  Mosscare Housing and Mossbank Homes are charitable, not for profit housing associations formed for the benefit of the community and regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency.  We own and manage nearly 5,000 homes in Manchester, Stockport, Tameside and Trafford.

Our Services

We mostly have homes for rent, and a number of shared ownership schemes, where people can part-buy and part-rent their property.  We also have a number of sheltered housing schemes for older people and specialist accommodation for people with additional support needs.  We ensure our homes are managed and maintained to excellent standards.  We work in partnership with others such as local authorities and the police to ensure neighbourhoods are sustainable.

Our Background

Mosscare Housing was formed in 1967 by the South West Manchester Council of Churches in the Moss Side area of Manchester, to respond to the need for good quality affordable homes and the need to build and maintain vibrant and sustainable communities. Mossbank Homes was formed in 2008 to manage the transfer of 1,135 homes in Stockport and to improve them and the estates around them.


Rent paid by tenants is used to pay for day-to-day management, routine and planned maintenance, interest and to repay loans.  We receive grant funding from the Homes and Communities Agency and borrow money from banks and financial institutions to pay for the building of new developments.  We also access specialist funding to pay for support services for vulnerable tenants.


The boards of Mosscare Housing and Mossbank Homes set the strategy for the organisation.  About 170 staff deliver our services from our offices in Moss Side, Openshaw, Stockport and Carrbrook.  Tenants and residents’ input plays an important role in deciding what we do.  Involvement of residents is by way of board membership, tenant panels residents’ groups, and focus groups.